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Forms & Applications

To apply online please click on the “Rentals” tab and use the “Filter” function to view available units! 

If you are a new roommate to an existing tenancy please call the office so we can email you an online application. If you are trying to apply for a unit not yet listed under the “Rentals” tab you may have to wait until the unit is listed in order to apply. Application fees are collected at the time of submission; applicants who are never processed will have their fees refunded.

Once an application is processed the fee becomes nonrefundable. The application fee is $50 per person over 18 and is the same for both applicants and for cosigners. 

Applicants for Salem-area Properties (except Wellesley Park Apartments tenants/applicants): Please be advised you will be required to come to the Corvallis office for lease signing. 

Forms Available for Download:

Screening Criteria Disclosure – You are required to read the screening criteria disclosure in order to apply.

Application for Rental  – If you cannot apply online under the “Rentals” tab please download this form and return it to the office with your application fee(s).

Cosigner Form – If you cannot apply online please download this form and return it to the office with your application fee.

Tenant 30-day Notice: Written notice is required for notice to vacate. Notice cannot be verbal, but this PDF can be filled out and emailed or mailed to the office. Please also consider downloading and reviewing the “Suggested Cleaning List” prior to your move-out.

Other Helpful  Forms and Lists

Suggested Cleaning List: Suggested items to take care of upon or before vacating unit.

Renovate Right Pamphlet: required for certain work on drywall, windows, plumbing, etc. in housing built before 1978. Office staff may request you fill this out after submitting maintenance requests.