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Application for Rental

Please Note: The attachment feature on all online forms is currently under maintenance. Forms with attachments will not go through. If you need to attach an item, please contact your local office to coordinate sending it directly to the appropriate party.

Applicant Screening Criteria Disclosure

Our current application charge is $40 per person 18 years or older that will be residing in the unit. Applications may be personally delivered or faxed to the appropriate office. Please note: your application will not be processed until the application charge is received. Incomplete applications will not be accepted; every field must be filled in. Copy of photo ID for each applicant is to be submitted with your application.

Applicant understands that while every precaution has been taken to secure the website, online applications come with some risk and IPMG, Inc. is not responsible for any damage to self as a result of submitting an online application. Applications can be picked up or dropped off with your local IPMG, Inc. office if the applicant does not wish to submit their application online. Applications may also be downloaded and faxed to their local office. Personal information that may lead to personal security risk may be left blank on the application and called in to the office after the application is submitted.

Rental Information (Please refer to the marketing information in our page “Rentals” for the following information):

Applicant Information:

Present Landlord:

Previous Address:

Previous Landlord:

Place of Employment:

Vehicle Information:

Miscellaneous Information:

Do you have pets? NoYes
Do you have an aide/companion animal? NoYes
Do you have a piano? NoYes
Do you have an aquarium? NoYes
Do you have renter's insurance? NoYes
Have you ever been evicted? NoYes
Have you ever had exposure to bed bugs? NoYes
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? NoYes
Have you ever been convicted of a sex crime? NoYes

*Felonies will be considered on a case by case basis.

Emergency Information:

Personal References:

Non-Compliance Fee: Landlord may assess a fee of $50.00 for Late Payment of Utilities or Service Charge that the tenant owes the Landlord, Failure to clean up Pet Waste, Garbage, Rubbish, or other waste from premises other than “dwelling unit”, Parking Violations and improper use of vehicles within the premises.

Applicant hereby certifies that the information provided by applicant is true and correct and authorizes IPMG, Inc. to make any and all inquiries necessary to evaluate the application for tenancy, including but not limited to the above listed information, credit report, criminal background check and eviction records. Applicant
understands and accepts that information found to be incomplete, inaccurate, illegible or falsified may be grounds
for rejection of the application and/or termination of the rental agreement upon discovery. It is understood
that applicant will not be discriminated against because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status,
or national origin.

I agree with the terms stated above and authorize IPMG, Inc. to process this application.
I have read and understand the Applicant Screening Criteria Disclosure and Receipt linked at the top of this page.
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